My Journey for SAA-C02( AWS solution Architect Associate Certification)

I started my Preparation in Sep 2020. when i started i had no knowledge about Cloud. I did some research in google to understand if any online course would help me to understand the basics. I read lot of people experience and their journey in learning AWS and get certified. After few research, i took Acloudguru course in udemy for Solution architect associate exam. I spent every day 1 hour to understand all the topics and completed all labs associated with it. By End of Oct, i completed all the theory and labs in the udemy course. few of the concepts , i was able to understand , for few of them I faced difficulties( networking). i list down the topics which i was not confident and tried to search more videos in you tube .

I took also Stefan Marek’s course in Udemy and tried to go through it. This course is very useful. He had covered all the topics that is required for Exam.

I took udemy practice test from Jon Bonso and started giving the 1st test. I scored 61% on my first attempt and failed. Then i thought i should spend more time on the topics that i scored very badly. Also i felt that Jon Bonso questions are very lengthy and difficult at my first attempt. After few days preparation again I searched for practice papers which would be useful for test my knowledge. I came across braincert. I tried its all practice test papers and i scored constantly more than 80%. It gave me enough confidence that i am ready for actual test. Just few days before the exam, I thought of trying Jon Bonso practice test again and i felt really comfortable with those test papers and after preparing 3–4 months. Though questions are not closed to exam but it increased my AWS knowledge significantly. Beautiful explanation were given for each question with the options that are correct & incorrect( why it is incorrect).

Finally i booked my exam in Jan 10th, I took the exam from home. the process is quite simple. First few question, i felt nervous and confused, i marked it for review and move forward. The questions are bit easy than what i thought. i completed my exam 10 mins before. I reviewed all marked question and then submitted. There were few Survey question and after that i marked complete.

I passed the exam and got my result after 3–4 days. I scored 845.

Below are my recommendation

  2. Practice test:
  4. AWS White papers
  5. Hands on Lab( create free tier account and do all hands on lab)